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A few of my captured memories shared with you...



The Early Years

My love for music developed from an early age and I was always singing or making a noise with some instrument!

The Busy Years

The launch of my musical career kept me busy. I had concerts, interviews, awards ceremonies, recording studio sessions, songwriting and I had very little time for much else. 

I was in the moment, loving my music and the response and recognition of my hard work that it was getting.

The Spotlight Years

I am grateful to the media for helping me to reach people. Across the land; in magazines and newspapers, those that had not heard my songs yet, wanted to. 

Life was manic!

My dad became my greatest fan and cut out every newspaper article he could can imagine this treasure of memories for me today!

The Privileged Years 

I had the privilege of meeting and working with many famous people and talented musicians on my journey. A few of them are shared here with you.

Top (left): Mother Theresa, Arnold Vosloo

Bottom (left): Waylon Jennings, Chris Rea, Wynonna Judd  at the Grammy Award ceremony.




My Fishing Years

I STILL just love fishing! Growing up on the coast made sure this was a good part of my bones. I enjoy crayfishing, deep-sea fishing, spear-fishing and shore-fishing. 

A rod is always near by, almost as close to me as my guitar!

My Farming Years

There is something very special about farming on our piece of land we call "Sweet Water". It aligns your life in a way that humbles you, bringing with it great perspective and very hard work: something that has never scared me! 

The enjoyment I have experienced from my love of farming is shared with and by my family..

My Family...the legacy will Live On...

My family is why I do what I do. They are my motivation and my biggest critics! My joyous moments are sharing stories and laughter around our table tucking into a fine meal that Karen has prepared for our family.

We play together, we pray together, encourage each other and celebrate each other's successes; this is the most valuable treasure to me. 

I love you Karen, Byron, Christian and Philip, you are the chorus to my life's song.