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My journey so far....


Pierre de Charmoy was born a farmer’s son on the 1st February 1961,  in Durban,  KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.  


His musical interests date back to an early age. 

He started composing songs and arranging music for the popular Sunday folk Church Services at St Charles College in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

It was here where Pierre was a pupil, and where his talent for songwriting, singing and performing was realised; his passion was ignited.

On completion of his 2-year military service, Pierre moved  to Johannesburg in late 1980. 

He soon found himself playing gigs and visiting recording studios.


RPM  Records signed Pierre, they recorded and released his first seven single in December 1981 entitled ‘Lonely Hearts’. This recording sparked enormous interest and Pierre was awarded the ‘Most Promising New Artist’ accolade at the annual South African Music Awards.


RPM quickly followed up with the album Ovation. This album produced the smash Number One single 'Live On' and Pierre won the  Best Male Vocalist Award  the following year. 

Reaching Out  followed  in 1983 with singles 'Reaching out' and 'You’re my lady', topping the hit parades. 

At about this time Pierre took part in a few different aspects of the entertainment world by acting in a movie ‘Tawwe Tinnies’, and hosting a number of television shows; these included 'Prime Time', 'Graffiti' and 'No Jacket Required'.

Pierre performed at Rapport Miss South Africa pageants and presented the radio programme: Southern Sounds Top Twenty. He also found time to perform in the theatre production of Queen’s 'The Show Must Go On’.

1984 was a great year for Pierre as he went on to win The Best Male Vocalist Award\

and  The Scotty 3M  Best Album Award.

Johnny Clegg (Best Video) Pierre de Charmoy (Best Contemporary Country Album) Coenie de Villiers (Best Afrikaans LP) Lesley Rae Dowling (Best Rock Album)

  'Emotions' contained the hits 'Don’t girls get lonely' and 'We’ll find a way'. It also began showing Pierre’s ability to perform a range of styles of music from country, adult-contemporary, rock to pop. Pierre was well established as South Africa’s Best Male Vocalist, again winning 1985 South African Best Male Vocalist,  while continuously touring and promoting his works throughout the country. 





On January 12, 1985 , Pierre was part of the Historic 'Concert in the Park', the first, fully multi-racial, mega-music event in South Africa; attracting 120,000 people to Ellis Park raising funds for   NGO Operation Hunger.

(From 2 min 10 sec)






Nashville, Tennesee, United States of America '96



'Let my music touch you' was a project in which Pierre did all his preparation whilst living in Nashville, Music City, USA. The idea was to be as close to the heart of country music as possible and to write and  record an album filled with all the emotions from America. The album went on to win the coveted Scotty 3M Award for Best Recording 1996.

Positive was just the way Pierre was feeling all during the composing and preparation stages of this album. 

Once again highlighting his ability to write and produce a mix of adult - contemporary sounds.

The single, 'I fell in love with you for life', must surely go down as one of  Pierre’s  best vocal performances and was featured on this album. 

Pierre de Charmoy was at this point eager to learn  more about the entire music industry, not just as an artist, but as a composer, arranger, producer and executive producer.  He journeyed further and  went on to form his own label, Positive Records and released  Attitude’ 1990.  The title track shot up the charts and received wonderful responses.

'Deja Vu'  was later released as the domination of the CD format was happening. Pierre’s new song ‘April Rain’ featured on this CD and remains one of Pierre’s all-time favourites, as he feels it depicts the type of style and sound that he was always striving for.


Pierre and his wife Karen have three sons, Byron, Christian and Philip. Pierre is pursuing his first love now and that is to raise his family, to farm and enjoy quality family time together at their beach house.

A mixed collection of songs was put together and 'Hear Me Now' was released 2002.

Looking back over the last 35 years as a professional Artist,  Pierre recalls many wonderful experiences and friendships that only the world of show business could ever provide.

The timing is right now and since the passion for music has never left, Pierre began  performing with his band in a number of live shows recently.

Musically,  in 2013,  Pierre has written new compositions and a  double CD collection entitled  'REFLECTIONS'; an album he has wanted to do for some time now,  is due for release soon.


And so, the journey continues...